Table of Content



About BRS Handbook


Statement of Purpose


Mission & Vision


Communicating With BRS


Attendance & Tardiness


Homework & Assessment


Uniform Code


Disciplinary Policy






Health Services




1. About BRS Handbook

This handbook provides parents and students with helpful information about school policies and procedures. Please take time to read it and share suitable parts with your child.


2. Statement of Purpose

The Evangelical church in Egypt is concerned to actively serve the nation through its schools and as a part of the community, aims to present a school which encourages high moral values and academic merit. At the same time we seek to build relationships for good citizenship whistle respecting and accepting others and preparing a new generation to live in a world that is rapidly changing.


Our policy is to develop a high standard of academic excellence and enable students to develop skills and methods that will extend their understanding of science and society. Students are encouraged to see themselves as whole persons with choice, taking the responsibility that goes with that choice. They also need to develop a self discipline enabling them to make responsible choices in a society which itself is having to adapt to changing standards and which has a growing awareness of it’s own need for change.


To sum up, the school is a center of learning and activity in which, through team work and the initiative of all who attend will be able to realize their full potential as Egyptian citizens with a growing understanding of what it means to be a member of both local and global communities.


3. Mission and Vision

Our Mission (why we exist)

British Ramses School takes pride in its commitment to excellence. We strive to inspire and empower our students to become passionate, confident and life-long learners. In addition, to encourage our students to appreciate themselves and others as individuals irrespective of race, culture, gender or religion, with the skills and strength of character to contribute to a diverse and ever changing world.


Our Vision

To provide an environment in which every individual is cared for morally, intellectually, physically and emotionally.


We Believe

  • Our school exists to serve students and the community.
  • All students can be successful learners.
  • A climate that emphasizes the worth, dignity, and unique attributes of each person is fundamental to teaching and learning.
  • Education is a partnership between school, home and community.
  • People have an inherit desire to learn to improve, and to contribute through learningful work.
  • Time invested in building relationships is time well spent.
  • Collaboration must be encouraged over competition.
  • All staff must continue to learn and all schools must continue to improve.


Reminder to Parents

We think that well-informed parents promote a positive school environment. In this handbook, you will note that we have included guidelines, the code of student conduct and general information which can help- students become productive members of the school community.



4. Communications between School and Home

BRS had a firm understanding of the benefits of parental engagement. Working together we become a school without walls where students learn and grow in all surroundings. That’s why we want to be very clear about the different ways to communicate with the school and teachers.


Parents and students are vitally expected to check the website and emails on a daily basis. BRS will not be responsible for any miscommunication resulting from failure of checking updated information.


Since emails have become an integral means of communication between parents  and staff, we have set a new email policy to minimize the inconvenience caused to both parents and teachers.


  • Teachers will not send or reply to emails after working hours.
  • Any urgent messages for class teachers are to be sent in the channel book.
  • Any messages to teachers are not to be sent through bus matrons.
  • Whatsapp is not an official means of communication and will be ignored by staff. If violated, a meeting will be held with school principal.
  • Discussing the school affairs on any social media will be considered slander.



If you have and e-mail address, please let us know about it in order to communicate with you online.


Foundation Link book & CP Agenda

This is a daily record of homework and special assignments. Since it is a mean of communication between home and teachers, please check it daily if a message  is sent. All assignments will be written in the specific square assigned for it in the link book or agenda together with any brief notes/comments.


Parents can reply, send notes, ask questions etc. in the parent’s section.


PB works (Year 1 to Year 9)

Every teacher will post the classwork and homework assignments including any work, sheets or materials needed for class.


We must  you to check the "Pb works" on daily basis in case of any unexpected changes.


Phone calls

There will be a specific time for each teacher to receive calls from parents. These times will be sent in your child’s BRS link book or agenda and will be uploaded on the school website.


Teachers'/ Parents' Meeting

You can expect one meeting before the end of the first term and another one halfway through the second term. If more is needed you will be notified, however parents can set appointments with teachers on specific times agreed upon by both sides. These are appointments by parents and teachers to discuss individual student progresses or issues.





5. Attendance and Tardiness



BRS’s instructional program is based on the assumption that students will attend school regularly. Absence is ONLY excused, in case of serious illness, emergencies or sport competitions. The excuse will be filed as part of the student’s school record. In case of illness, the school may require a doctor’s confirmation.


Daily class attendance is a condition for general academic progress at school. If your child is absent for more than 3 days, he/she should bring a note to student affairs office explaining the reason for absence.


Please be informed that students who are absent without an acceptable reason for more that 15 continuous or 30 separate days, their names will be removed from the school register (expelled).


For  IGCSE Students, students must attend 86% of the academic year otherwise they are not eligible to register for the Cambridge International Examination.




Tardiness is disruptive to both teachers and students. Tardiness to school and classes is unacceptable. Students are expected to be on time for all their sessions.


Tardy students (between 7:45 AM & 8:00 AM) will not be allowed to attend the morning lines. In case of repeated tardiness (more than 3 times), the student will be asked to go back home. The student will be asked to stay out of class until his/her parents come.


We understand that parents are largely responsible for the delay. However, it is our responsibility to train students to be punctual. We will give a grace period of one week at the beginning of school year after which this policy will be strictly applied.



6. Homework and Assessment

Homework is an essential part of your successful educational program at BRS, it will include preparing for tests and future lessons, reading textbooks and notes as well as completing assignments and projects. Doing homework will help you develop many valuable skills such as good study habits, time management, responsibility and perservance. Homework is part of all students evaluations.


Homework, if adhered, will prevent the need for students to attend private lessons. Parents shouldn’t help their kids with their homeworks


  • Homework sheets will be sent as a hard copy for the first term only, the second term will be ONLINE.
  • No  homework will be assigned on Thursdays.
  • If the student fails to deliver his/her homework on time the teacher will do the following steps
  • 1st talk to the student
  • 2nd call the parents
  • 3rd ask for meeting the parent


7. Uniform Code

Students are expected to wear the BRS uniform at all times to reflect neatness and cleanliness. Remember that your child’s appearance affects his/her general well being and relations with others. Our main goal is to train our students that there is a time and place for everything. School uniforms are for identification when you wear your uniform, you are identified as a BRS students.



8. Discipline Policy

As a school, we believe that by treating others kindly and with respect, we shall help our children to learn the highest standards of behavior. As professionals, we believe that children have the right to learn and that all teachers have the right to teach. Classroom rules are displayed in each classroom, the teacher ensures that they are discussed on a regular basis.


We believe in positive reinforcement management. That’s why we set high expectations of our student’s behavior. Our school has zero tolerance for violence. Students that act violently are immediately turned to the school principal’s office. Other behavior issues are dealt with as needed. Parents, being the primary source of security and discipline for their children, will be aware of any behavior issues that take place at school.


Behavior Guidelines

  1. Students are expected to converse in English at all times (except during Arabic, Arabic Social Studies, and Religion classes).
  2. Students should not come to school with money.
  3. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  4. Bullying, name calling and rough play are not allowed


Behavioral Guidelines in the Halls and Restrooms

Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless they are accompanied by a teacher or have a hall pass.

  1. Do not loiter nor run in the halls or restrooms.
  2. Do not yell, scream, hit lockers or make excessive noise in these areas.


Breaking Rules

  1. Reminder of the rule broken.
  2. Warning
  3. Send to the office ( 15 minutes to put himself/herself back together then return to class and do the assigned task)
  4. Call/send a note to parents, personal talk with the teacher.
  5. A visit to the school principal’s office.


9. Transportation

Mr. Sameh abd elmaseh is responsible for the bus rounds. If you have any problems, regarding route, time or bus matron, talk to him. Drivers are instructed not to wait for students and not to sound their horns to call them out. You must have your child ready and waiting in the street before the time the bus is expected to arrive.  You are responsible for meeting your child at the bus stop upon his/her arrival. You can sign a paper stating your approval that we drop the child without having a person waiting for him/her. If we don’t have the written approval and no one is waiting for the child, the child will be returned to school and parents will be contacted to pick him/her from the school. At the end of the day busses leave 10 minutes after the school day is over. Students who are late will miss the bus. Their parents will have to come pick them up.


Bus Conduct Expectations


All these rules are applied on fieldtrips and after school activities.


  1. In case your child will go home with you, you must inform the bus matron so the bus doesn’t wait.
  2. The bus matron has full responsibility for ensuring the safety of  the students and implementing school rules.
  3. Bus fees cover a complete bus round (morning & afternoon). Half rounds are not accepted.
  4. The school administration has the right to adjust the bus round, change the driver, the bus matron or even the bus,  all to provide a better service to your child.


Expected Bus Behavior:

  1. Obey bus attendant’s instructions.
  2. Students are to remain in their seats
  3. Students are to keep their hands and heads inside the bus.
  4. Students are required to speak with a low tone.
  5. Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not permitted on the bus unless there is a medical reason.
  6. Any dangerous objects that must be brought to school for a project should be carried by the bus attendant for safety.
  7. Any problems with other students on the bus must be reported to bus attendant to deal with.
  8. No throwing objects on the bus or outside the windows. Keep the bus clean.
  9. Use only appropriate language.
  10. Don’t exit the bus once you have boarded.
  11. Don’t speak in a way that teases, hurts or harasses others.
  12. Do nothing to threaten the safety of others on or off the bus.
  13. Do not vandalize the bus or any school property.
  14. Do not hit, punch, kick or physically assault another student.
  15. Do not act in a disrespectful way or answer back the bus attendant and the bus driver.
  16. Remain in your seat. It is a must to fasten your seat belt.
  17. Try to keep aisles clear of bags


Consequences of Bus Rules Violation

Students who refuse to follow the rules and regulations set by the administration will be reported to the principal of the school. Parents will be notified of the offending behavior and the student will be suspended from riding the bus, at first temporarily and if necessary permanently.




  1. Students are not permitted to leave the campus during school hours without permission of parent. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are off campus after dismissal time because they are unsupervised after dismissal time. After 15 minutes from the time the school day ends children will be supervised for a fee in the day care.
  2. Students must be picked up from the day care maximum by 3:45. Otherwise your child will be left with the security.
  3. Pick up cards will be issued to all gate students.
  4. If a person unknown to the school and other than the parent is to pick up the student, this may occur by mutual arrangement between the school and the parent. A written permission is required for the release of a student to anyone other than a parent or a designated representative.
  5. For early dismissal, if your child wishes to leave early, or stay after school for rehearsals, after school activities, Parent-Teacher meetings, special events,  an email or a written note is highly requested.



All visitors must first check in at the reception and wear a visitor’s badge before going to other parts of the premises.



11. Health Services

The school has a private full time doctor on campus during school hours. If your child has any medical disorder or allergies, a written note attached to a medical report should be submitted to the school reception and the school doctor. All records are kept confidential.


Any regular administered medication taken by a students should be stored and dispensed by a school health professional.



Emergency Procedures

In case of any accident occurrence the following procedures take place:

  1. School doctor sees the student. First aid is done.
  2. If needed, school contacts parent.
  3. If both parents cannot be reached, the school has the right to take any necessary action.

If you are contacted by the school to pick your sick child, please make every effort to do so promptly.


12. Miscellaneous



BRS staff does not accept presents from any child or parents. A simple thank you card will be sufficient.



Since it has been proven that food affects the level of concentration and health of your child. Examples includes sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, etc.


Unhealthy snacks are not allowed and will be taken away from the student. ex. (drinks with too much sugar and processed foods containing preservatives).


If you disagree with this policy, you need to inform us in writing


Lost & Found

We strongly recommend that all articles and uniforms are labeled with your child’s name and class in advance.

Any lost article, your child can find it in the "Lost and Found Room" on the ground floor.


Personal Belongings

It is highly recommended that all personal belongings be labeled with the students name. jackets, sweaters, P.E. uniforms, book bags, lunch bags, purses, etc. can be returned to the rightful owner when they are properly identified.


Valuable items

Jewelry, expensive school supplies, toys, money and any electronic devices are not allowed in school.


Cell Phones

Cell phones are prohibited for students. If a teacher finds a cell phone or a tablet, it will be confiscated until the end of the day. Repeated transgressions may result in preventative confiscation. Students can use the school phone if they wish to contact their parents

Students are also not allowed to bring toys and electronics to school.


British Ramses School, 2014, is an international school that follows the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE curricula. The school is an affiliate of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile - the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt.