Dr. Iman Aziz Soliman
School Director

Email: iman.aziz@br-school.com


Ms. Hala Erian
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Hala manages the director's daily office traffic and work. She is responsible for the director’s appointments and coordinates all directors meetings and communications.
Email: hala.erian@br-school.com


Ms. Liza Akhnoukh
Pre-IGCSE & IGCSE Principal
Ms. Liza is responsible for both Senior Schools, supported by an International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) coordinator, assistant, subject supervisors, and teachers.
Email: liza.akhnoukh@br-school.com


Ms. Margaret Sameh
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), Coordinator and Assistant Head
Ms. Margaret is responsible for all aspects of IGCSE students registration and election of subjects and is responsible for relaying all communications between the school and the British Council.
Email: brs@gse-schools.com


Ms. Mary Emile
Cambridge Primary Principal
Ms. Mary is responsible for both the pastoral care of the children and their curriculum for the Cambridge primary. She works closely alongside teachers and parents to support and nurture the students’ well-being and learning.
Email: mary.emile@br-school.com

Ms. Mary Adly
Assistant Principal, Cambridge Primary
Email: mary.adly@br-school.com


Ms. Dina Galal
Foundation & Early Years Principal 
Ms. Dina is responsible for both the pastoral care of the children and their curriculum. She works closely with children and parents to ensure the children’s well-being.

Mr. Hossam Hanna
Deputy Head, Administrative Affairs
Mr. Hossam is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the school and its administrative staff. 
Email: hossam.fares@br-school.com

Ms. Maggie Fayek
Financial Manager
Email: maggie.fayek@br-school.com



Dr. Ehab Philib
Head, Activities
and Events
Dr. Ehab is responsible for all school activities and events including trips. He is responsible for handling all major events of the school such as the Christmas Bazaar, Graduation, Art Exhibition along with helping out in the organization and facilitation of other educational events. He works together with a team of professionally qualified teachers and works closely with principals and parents to enrich student life.
Email: Ehab.philib@br-school.com

Ms. Phoebe George
Student Affairs Head
Ms. Phoebe is responsible for students’ files and transcripts. She deals with students and parents and keeps students records up-to-date. She is also responsible for the examinations control procedures. 
Email: phoebe.george@br-school.com

Mr. David Ragaa Farid

Head of Media, Marketing and Public Relations
Mr. David is responsible for maintaining the school’s professional image, publications, marketing activities of the school in terms of website updates, social media as well as general advertising requirements.
Email: davidragaa@br-school.com

Ms. Nardeen Maged Mourice
Personnel Administrative Coordinator
Email: nardeen.mourice@br-school.com


Mr. Emile Kamal
Legal Affairs
Email: emile.kamal@br-school.com 


Ms. Rosette Farid
Training Coordinator
Ms. Rose oversees and implements all school training activities
Email: rosette.zaki@br-school.com




Reham Samir
School Doctor
Dr. Reem is the school doctor and is responsible for students’ well-being, health and hygiene issues.
Email: reham.yanny@br-school.com 


Sameh Abd El Mesieh
Bus Coordinator
Mr. Sameh is responsible for bus operations.
Email: sameh.danyil@br-school.com


Student Wellness Team:


Our student wellness team provides holistic & proactive competency-based counseling services which contribute to each student’s educational, emotional/personal/social development of all students F1-Y12. Our team advocates on behalf of student and family by providing students with developmentally age-appropriate skills and coping strategies, developing his/her character to become future productive members of society.


Ms. Silvia Joseph 


Email: silvia.joseph@br-school.com


Ms. Engy Emil, Internship Initiative Coordinator

Email: engy.emil@br-school.com


Ms. Seham Khairy,  

Social Worker

Email: seham.khairy@br-school.com

Dr. Ehab Emil,

Character Building and Behavior Therapist





Suzy shehata

English lower CP Supervisor

Email: suzy.shehata@br-school.com


Sylvia Saad

Science Supervisor

Email: sylvia.saad@br-school.com


Rosette Ezzat

Math Supervisor

Email: rosette.tadros@br-school.com

Rose Anwar

French Supervisor

Email: rose.anwar@br-school.com




Osama Emera

German Supervisor

Email: osama.wael@br-school.com


Sabah Daniel

Arabic Foundation Supervisor

Email: sabah.isac@br-school.com




Evon Magdy

Arabic Lower CP Supervisor

Email: evon.magdy@br-school.com




Gihan abd elmoniem

Arabic Upper Cp & pre-IG Supervisor

Email: Gehan.ibrahim@br-school.com


Amy Sameh 

Art Supervisor

Email: eman.sameh@br-school.com



Amgad Zekry

P.E Supervisor

Email: amgad.zekry@br-school.com




Narmeen Sedhom

Religion Supervisor

Email: narmeen.sedhom@br-school.com


Mirna Adel

ICT Supervisor

Email: Mirna.adel@br-school.com




British Ramses School, 2014, is an international school that follows the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE curricula. The school is an affiliate of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile - the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt.