Parent volunteer initiative

Parents wish to be more involved in school community events and we encourage Manythis. A sample list of ways you can be more actively involved in your child’s school life. This list is based on availability and skills required for a particular volunteer task:


  • Reading helpers.
  • Day trip helpers (can be same year group / class but not with a group that contains your child).
  • Residential trip helpers.
  • School break duty helpers.
  • Helping with /setting up community service projects.
  • A resource for information or contacts about relevant subjects / areas of interest.
  • Attending away matches as supporters.
  • Helping with / conducting after school activities.
  • Giving educational talks / projects connected with your field of expertise. 
  • Offering work experience / voluntary placements for students to gain knowledge of the workplace / field in which you work ahead of their subject / ‘life’ choices.
  • Helping / being involved in with school events such as the Carnival /performing arts productions.
  • Being ‘judges’ for curriculum initiatives / projects such as economic (Spelling Bee or Bookworm) or science fairs, etc.


When you take part in school activities, you will be briefed of the instructions / expectations in advance by senior management or the teacher in charge. If you wish to participate in any of the previous voluntary activities, please fill in the following form.


British Ramses School, 2014, is an international school that follows the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE curricula. The school is an affiliate of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile - the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt.