Y11 & Y12 Arrival & Dismissal Policy
Dear Y11 & Y12 Students & Parents:
We believe that being on time is crucial  since it teaches our students how to be disciplined.  It is also an essential way for students to show respect to their teachers & sessions. Therefore, we kindly request that year 11 & year 12 students arrive at BRS premises 10 minutes before their sessions start & head directly to their classes so that they are in class prior to their teacher’s arrival.
Year 11 & Year 12 students are also required to leave school right after their sessions at any time of the day. Since Our goal is to create a safe learning environment for every student, therefore, we strongly discourage students to just hang around unsupervised around the school premises when they are in need for every single minute to study.  In case students need to study at school, a letter from their parents will be required to allow the students to use the library or the study hall. 
Please note that the library and the study hall are available for our students to use during gap time between sessions.
Thanks for your continuous support & cooperation.
Best Regards,
Ms. Liza Akhnoukh 


British Ramses School, 2014, is an international school that follows the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE curricula. The school is an affiliate of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile - the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt.